Black & White Copies

We are providing B/W copy service with different sizes:

A4, A5, A3

and different paper types:

1- normal white paper 80gsm

2- colored paper 80gsm

3- white paper 120gsm

Copy Prices :

SizeNormal paperColored paper120 gsm
A40.010 KD0.025 KD0.025 KD
A30.050 KD0.200 KD0.100 KD
A50.010 KD0.025 KD0.025 KD

Paper sizes A4, A3, A5

Paper sizes

Copy can be done with different options:

1- Single face copy

2- Double face copy

3- two single face papers to one double face paper

4- one double face paper to two single face paper

Also copy on different type of paper:

1- wood-free 80gsm

2- wood-free 120gsm

3- glossy 150gsm

4- wood-free 80gsm colored paper (blue,green,pink, yellow )

We can provide you with very fast and short delivery time copy service where we  are equibed with latest

industry level machinery that can copy 120 A4 papers in a minute.



 How to make new order? 
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2By phone97601364 , 24826261
3Visit our shopcheck contact us page
4By whats app+96597601364