Color Copies

Life is full with colors, we are providing excelent services in color copy

paper sizes differe from A5, A4, A3

and with different paper types:

1- normal woodfree 80,120 gsm

2- matt art paper 150gsm

3- glossy art paper 150 gsm

prices for making colored copies:

SizeNormal paperGlossy paperMatt paper
A40.100 KD0.150 KD0.150 KD
A30.250 KD0.350 KD0.350 KD
A50.100 KD0.150 KD0.150 KD
Paper sizes A5, A4, A3

Paper Sizes

We can provide you with very fast and short delivery time copy service where we  are equibed with latest

industry level machinery that can copy 120 A4 papers in a minute.

 How to make new order? 
1Send files to email with contact
2By phone97601364 , 24826261
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4By whats app+96597601364